See what people are saying.


''I have just been to one meeting so far but I was encouraged by the testimony of God's transforming and healing power and also about your message on faith. Particularly on the fact that we walk by faith in God's Word not by sight.
God bless''


"Thank you for arranging the last men's meeting in November 2019.
I was greatly impacted and blessed by the ministry of Ian Ball.
He prayed for me afterwards and I was really helped.
Praise God "


''I was just visiting friends in Harrogate when I was at your Bible study which was wonderful.
I wish we had what you have up there, here in Scotland. That would be a wonderful Blessing!


''At the November meeting which I attended, we heard a compelling testimony of a supernatural healing. It was a powerful story of God's goodness and grace in one man's life. All present were touched and encouraged by this inspirational story. In addition Scripture was shared and prayer ministry offered.''


‘‘I find these meetings to be a real blessing. Being together, building ourselves up in our faith and pressing in to seek the Lord with a group of men who have a fire in their hearts and a hunger for God's kingdom. I look forward to more.’’