My Inherent Life Purpose Matters

To Inspire people to make a positive contribution toward a better world

My Inherent Life Purpose Matters

We train people to fulfil their inherent life purpose

My Inherent Life Purpose Matters

Our success is measured by what truly matters:
Changed Lives & Relationship

Helping hands

Arise, shine, our world needs you; because you are created on purpose for a purpose.

 Mark Twain says; “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

 All humans are built for success, but success is not a gift but a result of directing one’s knowledge, skill and energy toward fulfilling his assigned purpose.

  • So discovering and living your Inherent Life Purpose is the key to experience the freedom and success you’ve been longing for.

 The revelation of your intrinsic purpose is what energies you to operate at the ‘‘sweet spot’’ of life.

 Your DNA for success and fulfilment is hidden within you; and it’s our job to help you discover it.



See what people are saying.


"Thank you for arranging the last men's meeting.
I was greatly impacted and blessed by the ministry of Ian Ball.
He prayed for me afterwards and I was really helped.
Praise God "


I have just been to one meeting so far but I was encouraged by the testimony of God's transforming and healing power and also about your message on faith. Particularly on the fact that we walk by faith in God's Word not by sight.
God bless,


I was just visiting friends in Harrogate when I was at your Bible study which was wonderful.
I wish we had what you have up there, here in Scotland. That would be a wonderful Blessing!